Animal Picture: 

Tammy is a Tamworth Pig.  She came to Cantref Adventure Farm in 2007 when her owners couldn't look after her anymore.  As you can see, She is a gentle giant who is very noisy and loves it when kids come to visit her in her sty. 

The Tamworth does not usually come from Wales they originated from Staffordshire and is 1 of the oldest breeds of pigs.  It is now a rare breed.  It is descended from the old English forest pig.  Sir Robert Peel used to breed them.

They have red gingery hair and their long snout make them very good at rooting in meadows and woodlands.

They are know as the aristocrat of the pig world.  Tamworth pigs usually make good mothers and usually have approximately 8 piglets in each litter. 




A great family day out in South Wales

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